The word Doula means caregiver in Greek. What better way to share my love of the birthing mother than to offer a service of mothering the mother while in the early stages of labor and thereafter.
My role is to help the birthing mother make informed decisions about her birth and the birthing process. The miracle of birth seems to have been forgotten for what it can truly be, A Labor of Love.
A woman's body is designed to give birth, its perfect in its form and enables the birthing mother the opportunity to draw out inside of her the ability to achieve the most empowering moment of her life.
My greatest accomplishment comes from helping expected mothers achieve their goals and ideal birth plan with educated decisions and preparation. My presence at the birth and thereafter is only an added role in helping her accomplish what she is already capable of.
I hope you find this blog of use to you as you prepare for your upcoming birth. I feel the resources provided will lead you in the direction you desire to go. Best of luck in your Labor of Love.

From one mother to another

Giving birth is a very personal time that requires many personal choices. The choice to use a doula is one that I will never regret. After a bad birthing experience with my first child I decided that giving birth naturally was something I needed to do, for me and my child.

Heather was with me for 14 of the 22 hours that I labored and was even there as I welcomed my second child. The support that she offered me was priceless. She was able to suggest positions to try and to calmly talk me through each step. She stayed calm and focused the whole time. One thing that made Heather so professional is that she never overstepped her boundaries with my husband or the nurses. She maintained a professional attitude and helped the situation stay peaceful for me.

Her care did not stop after the birth. The bond that we developed is priceless, as is the bond between her and my child. After the birth she would kindly check in to see how that baby and I were doing.

The trust that I placed in Heather, both to coach me through birth and to share such an intimate time in my life is something I will never regret. I am so thankful for the gift that she has and that she is willing to share it with others. She truly helped "guide me to a better birth."